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White-naped Brushfinch

From Opus

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White-naped Brushfinch, subspecies albinuchaPhoto by Raul PadillaSan Bartolo Tutotepec, Mexico, March 2016
White-naped Brushfinch, subspecies albinucha
Photo by Raul Padilla
San Bartolo Tutotepec, Mexico, March 2016
Atlapetes albinucha

Includes Yellow-throated Brush-Finch


[edit] Identification

17–21 cm (6¾-8¼ in)
Two different groups:

[edit] White-naped Brush-Finch

Upperside dark gray to black, head with white stripe on central crown down to start of nape. Underside yellow, becoming more dusky towards the rear.

Yellow-throated Brushfinch, subspecies gutturalisPhoto by PitterDapa, Valle de Cauca, Colombia, May 2012
Yellow-throated Brushfinch, subspecies gutturalis
Photo by Pitter
Dapa, Valle de Cauca, Colombia, May 2012

[edit] Yellow-throated Brush-Finch

Differ from the White-naped type in having yellow limited to the throat; the rest of the underside varies from pale gray washed brownish on flanks to white washed with olive.

[edit] Distribution & Taxonomy

[edit] Subspecies

There are 8 subspecies[1] in two groups, which differ remarkably and are sometimes treated as two species:

[edit] White-naped Brush-Finch

  • A.a. albinucha:
  • Limited to Atlantic slope in Mexico, in Puebla and from Veracruz to northern Chiapas (and possibly adjacent Guatemala). There is no overlap in range with Yellow-throated Brush-Finch.

[edit] Yellow-throated Brush-Finch

Yellow-throated Brushfinch, subspecies brunnescensPhoto by PanamaHarpyBoquete, Panama, August 2011
Yellow-throated Brushfinch, subspecies brunnescens
Photo by PanamaHarpy
Boquete, Panama, August 2011

This form is found from southern Mexico to Panama and Colombia.

  • A.a. gutturalis (if considered a full species, this is the nominate subspecies of the species Atlapetes gutturalis):
  • Upper tropical and subtropical northern Colombia
  • A.a. griseipectus:
  • Pacific slope of southern Mexico (Chiapas) to western Guatemala and El Salvador
  • A.a. fuscipygius:
  • A.a. parvirostris:
  • A.a. brunnescens:
  • Subtropical western Panama (western Chiriquí)
  • A.a. coloratus:
  • Subtropical western Panama (eastern Chiriquí and Veraguas)
  • A.a. azuerensis:
  • Western Panama (Azuero Peninsula)

[edit] Habitat

Forest edge, clearings, and high-altitude shrubland, sometimes in areas best described as cloud forest. In Mexico often in areas with mixture of pine and other trees.

[edit] Behaviour

Likes to keep hidden except when singing, and probably not easy to see even then.

[edit] Action

They hop on the ground.

[edit] Diet

Their diet consists of a variety of insects and seeds. They mostly seek food on the ground or low above the ground.

[edit] References

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  3. Howell & Webb, 1995. A guide to the birds of Mexico and northern Central America. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0198540124

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