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Laysan Albatross

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Phoebastria immutabilis
Photo by Doug Greenberg.
Photo by Doug Greenberg.


[edit] Identification

79-81 cm. Black back, wings and tail, remainder of plumage white. In flight, shows some dark areas on underwing, but variable in extent. Dark iris, pale pinkish to yellowish bill, pink legs.

[edit] Distribution

Breed in Hawaii, islands off Mexico and the Bonin Islands in Japan. Is found at sea in most of the subtropical northern pacific ocean, ranging north to Alaska.

In flight. Notice pale rump in contrast to both back and tailPhoto by Glen TepkePacific west of Bodega Bay, California, USA, September 2007
In flight. Notice pale rump in contrast to both back and tail
Photo by Glen Tepke
Pacific west of Bodega Bay, California, USA, September 2007

[edit] Taxonomy

This is a monotypic species[1].

[edit] Diomedea vs. Phoebastria

Genera Phoebastria and Thalassarche formerly placed in the Diomedea, but now considered by virtually all authorities (Clements, Howard & Moore, AOU, BOU, SACC) to be separate genera in light of Nunn et al. (1996) and Penhallurick & Wink (2004).

[edit] Habitat

Breeds on islands, spends the rest of its life at sea.

[edit] Behaviour

Breeding does not start until about 7-8 years old, but the birds continue with annual breeding and are capable of living for at least 40 years. Goes on very long forays to get food for its young, up to 2.5 days between feeding.

[edit] References

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