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Oriental Skylark

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{{incomplete}} {{incomplete}}
-[[Image:Oriental_Skylark.jpg|thumb|500px|right|Photo by {{user|Rakesh|Rakesh}} <br />Ponda, Goa, [[India]], May 2006]]+[[Image:Oriental_Skylark.jpg|thumb|500px|right|Nominate subspecies<br />Photo by {{user|Rakesh|Rakesh}} <br />Ponda, Goa, [[India]], May 2006]]
;[[:Category:Alauda|Alauda]] gulgula ;[[:Category:Alauda|Alauda]] gulgula
==Identification== ==Identification==
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==Taxonomy== ==Taxonomy==
====Subspecies==== ====Subspecies====
-[[Image:DSCN9179 1 .jpg|thumb|350px|right|Photo by {{user|portnoy58|portnoy58}}<br />Huay Mai Teng Reservoir, Ratchaburi, Thailand, April 2011]]+[[Image:DSCN9179 1 .jpg|thumb|350px|right|Nominate subspecies<br />Photo by {{user|portnoy58|portnoy58}}<br />Huay Mai Teng Reservoir, Ratchaburi, Thailand, April 2011]]
There are 8 subspecies<sup>[[#References|[1]]]</sup>: There are 8 subspecies<sup>[[#References|[1]]]</sup>:
*''A. g. inconspicua: *''A. g. inconspicua:

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Nominate subspeciesPhoto by Rakesh Ponda, Goa, India, May 2006
Nominate subspecies
Photo by Rakesh
Ponda, Goa, India, May 2006
Alauda gulgula


[edit] Identification

Subspecies A. g. inconspicuaPhoto by Alok TewariGurgaon Rural, Haryana, India, July-2016
Subspecies A. g. inconspicua
Photo by Alok Tewari
Gurgaon Rural, Haryana, India, July-2016

Size: 16 cm
Streaked, yellow-brown upper plumage, Buffy-white outer tail feathers and a short crest. Rufous tinge to primaries, but not as rufous as Mirafra. Small fine bill.
Sexes are similar.

[edit] Distribution

Western, Central, South-east Asia and China.

[edit] Taxonomy

[edit] Subspecies

Nominate subspeciesPhoto by portnoy58Huay Mai Teng Reservoir, Ratchaburi, Thailand, April 2011
Nominate subspecies
Photo by portnoy58
Huay Mai Teng Reservoir, Ratchaburi, Thailand, April 2011

There are 8 subspecies[1]:

  • A. g. inconspicua:
  • A. g. lhamarum:
  • Pamir Mountains and western Himalayas (Kashmir to northern Punjab)
  • A. g. weigoldi:
  • Eastern China (Shandong to southern Shaanxi and central Sichuan)
  • A. g. inopinata:
  • A. g. vernayi:
  • Eastern Himalayas and adjacent China (ae Xizang and western Yunnan)
  • A. g. gulgula:
  • A. g. coelivox:
  • South-eastern and southern China to northern Vietnam; Hainan Island
  • A. g. wattersi:

[edit] Habitat

Prefers open land and short grass, often near waterbodies.

[edit] Behaviour

Usually solitary or loose flocks. Runs short distances and crouches when disturbed.

[edit] Diet

Its diet includes seeds and insects.

[edit] Breeding

Nests on Ground.

[edit] References

  1. Clements, JF. 2010. The Clements Checklist of Birds of the World. 6th ed., with updates to December 2010. Ithaca: Cornell Univ. Press. ISBN 978-0801445019. Spreadsheet available at

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