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Aladdin Monday 23rd July 2018 17:55

Common Sandpiper?
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Dear Members and bird watchers

Sweden, Baltic Coast in the North (Härnösand) 7 o'clock in the morning

I have identified this bird (attached picture) as a Common Sandpiper.

There is also a sound recording that I made from the bird

I'm a right with this bird?

Kind regards

Andrew Whitehouse Monday 23rd July 2018 18:02

Yes, a Common Sandpiper.

Aladdin Monday 23rd July 2018 18:18


Originally Posted by Andrew Whitehouse (Post 3743935)
Yes, a Common Sandpiper.

Thank you very much!!

I'm really bad with the waders, all the Sandpipers looks the same to me

Thanks you very much again
Kind regards

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