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albional Wednesday 17th June 2015 22:14

Gull ID please N.Wales UK June
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Apologies for images - at extreme range of SX 50
Probably just a very dark LBBG ( didn't look big enough for GBBG ), but confirmation appreciated.

SteveClifton Wednesday 17th June 2015 22:49

Looks more GBBG to me, but hard to be 100% sure from these images. A seemingly hefty bird with dark back favours GBB and so do the apparently pinkish legs & relatively short wings

lou salomon Thursday 18th June 2015 08:39

it's a GBBG. apart from structural difference (big head and bill), the outermost primary has a large white tip.

albional Thursday 18th June 2015 09:13

Thanks for confirmation guys , I was comparing size to nearby LBBG, didn't look any bigger

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