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mikal Friday 6th April 2018 00:01

Best plants to grow to attact hummingbirds?
I bought a packet of bee balm and scarlet runner beans hoping to attract some hummingbirds. Any other plants that have worked for you?

KC Foggin Friday 6th April 2018 00:11

Lantana and Texas Sage work great for me and my hummers.

ducbucln Friday 6th April 2018 16:27

I have bottlebrush, Texas red yucca, honeysuckles, yellow jasmine, hot lips sage salvia and lots of Kniphofia (torch lily) that work perfectly for me.


snowyowl Saturday 7th April 2018 14:17

Later in summer the hummers seem to be really keen on the flowers of our hostas.

volcomized Monday 9th April 2018 22:15

You should definitely check out your local garden store and ask someone who's knowledgeable there, as local is always best. That being said, I've stepped up my hummer patio this season, and they've gone nuts for the new emu bushes, kangaroo paws and columbine flowers. Since you're in Canada, though, and I'm in SoCal, I suspect our climates/zones are very different and these flowers might not grow well in your region. However, I second the lantanas.

mikal Tuesday 10th April 2018 00:43

Thanks all! Got lots of new plants to try this summer! woohoo!

Backyard Sanctuary Tuesday 8th May 2018 16:49

Fuchsia's seem to be a great attractor here in San Jose, CA

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