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cthomas Friday 5th March 2004 19:32

Steve here is some onfo on Briding in Montana. Would you add it to the states.?

Greeting from Montana!
Montana is a wonderful state for birding and wildlife photography. It has large uncrowned areas with lots of open landscape. We have been photographing birds and wildlife for quite some time and are just getting into digiscoping.
Montana provides spectacular bird watching opportunities for ducks, herrons,
shorebirds, swans, and countless snow geese. There is a recent article in the Montana Outdoors magazine (March/April 2004) that you might want to check out.
Driving down the road it's not uncommon to see flocks of wild turkey, pheasants and majestic eagles flying overhead. We have countless feathered friends that gather in our back yard regularly and those that stop in for a quick "bite" as they pass through. Wood peckers, sparrows, several varieties of finches, bluebirds, blackbirds, chickadee, swallows and those pesky pinion jays are just a few of species we see at our bird feeders along with "Jimmy" the squirrel.

pinesiskin Tuesday 31st March 2009 01:35

So what part of Montana are you from? I'm from Troy.

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