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T-Money Tuesday 26th July 2016 15:32

ED4 Reviews
Has anyone had a chance yet to get their hands on the ED4s? I am curious to see how they compare to the ED3!

kramer588 Monday 1st August 2016 03:50

I received my pair close to 2 weeks ago, and i have to say i am very disappointed in them. When maxed out they only focus at about 75 yards and everything beyond that is blurry, but the focus way in past 10ft or so. I'm thinking they were set wrong from factory. So i cant give an honest review but i can say i am very disappointment in their customer service. I have been trying to contact them for a week and a half, i have sent several emails, Facebook messages and left multiple voice mails and have not had one response. This really surprises me because i have heard good things of this company but i am at a loss for how to return these binoculars.

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