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Mike Denny Wednesday 9th April 2003 23:23

birding S.W. Idaho
Hello All,
On 6 April four of us birded the Dry Lakes area south of Nampa, Idaho. We observed the following amid falling snow. 3 Trumpeter Swam,62 Tundra Swan, 1 Greater Snow Goose,1 Savannah Sparrow, 1 Say's Phoebe and 7 waterfowl species. Also found 6 American Avocets, 1 Long-billed Dowitcher and 7 Black-necked Stilts. Great fun to see a mix of winter and summer species!
Later Mike

birdman Thursday 10th April 2003 08:39

Thanks for this report, Mike, and a BIG WELCOME to the BirdForum.

I'm pleased that you have ventured into our "visible" world. I hope you've enjoyed yourself while you have been having a look round.

I am particularly thrilled to see you name down for the GGBC.

Great stuff!

Looking forward to your sightings report, and many more (I hope) postings!


Steve Gross Thursday 10th April 2003 18:10

Mike: I lived in Boise for a year and have enjoyed my birding in subsequent visits. I especially liked spending time at Jump Creek Canyon. Welcome to the Bird Forums, and let us know what you're seeing out there.

Steve Gross
Houston, TX

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