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Peter Withers Saturday 9th August 2008 20:06

Mexico, Yucatan - Gull
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I saw this Gull, in Xcaret Mex, near the harbour and dolphins.

Any help wi a positive ID would be great?

Peter Withers Saturday 9th August 2008 20:21

I had a internet prob and couldnt add the pic sorry, its there now ! :)

BobTag Saturday 9th August 2008 20:25

Hi Maoam, it's an adult Laughing Gull.

Peter Withers Saturday 9th August 2008 20:41

Many thanks, you make it sound easy.


There are more I need help with :(

JANJ Saturday 9th August 2008 21:30

More likely, a 2nd summer/winter type moulting to third or adult winter, worn second generation primaries and trace of dark in the outer tail feathers with new third gen. clearly white tipped coming in. Best though with a open wing image. Stil a Laughing Gull though.


Jim M. Sunday 10th August 2008 18:31

I agree with Laughing Gull, but this looks like an odd individual to me. Perhaps it is just the exposure, but it seems unusually white headed. The typical dark smudges indicating a basic plumage hooded gull are not evident. Probably either exposure or somewhat bleached plumage.


Peter Withers Sunday 10th August 2008 19:54

Thanks guys for a very detailed explantation:t:

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