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timwootton Friday 11th January 2013 14:33

Wootton Art 2013
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A deceptive and cunning title for my new thread :t:
I completed this latest seascape today; Birsay Bay, oils, 30"x20"

Mackem George Friday 11th January 2013 15:25

Hi Tim great start to 2013 very impressive everything so real,no doubt more to follow.

spizaetos Friday 11th January 2013 16:02

Fantastic Tim!
Already said, couldn`t have better start to new year!


birdpotter Friday 11th January 2013 19:40

Yay!! I'm at the beginning of this thread! Wonderful start to the new year, Tim. I can't wait to see more and I can't wait to do my best to stick around the forum this year.

JTMB Friday 11th January 2013 22:10

Superb seascape!

Woody Friday 11th January 2013 22:45

So, so good.


timwootton Saturday 12th January 2013 09:15

Ta folks. Hiya Beth - welcome back to the dark side :)

gmorgan Monday 14th January 2013 10:19

Great painting, you capture the light so well (and not a bird insight!). I saw some of your paintings " in the flesh" at Slimbridge before Christmas also very impressive, I hope you sold a few.

Bigshent Monday 14th January 2013 15:42

Fantastic indeed but I still think a couple of Shags wouldn't go amiss o:)

colleenc Monday 14th January 2013 18:08

Happy start to a new year Tim, just keep it coming, beautiful stormy seascape and wonderful to see the master at work....your rocks are more artistic than the disorganized lava around here and looks like it would be fun to paint them.

Lykos Monday 14th January 2013 21:20


solitaryVSong Wednesday 16th January 2013 13:12

Powerful painting Tim.

tbbilbo Wednesday 16th January 2013 14:47

Best wishes in 2013, Tim. Keep up the great work.

JennyMK Thursday 17th January 2013 04:23

Happy new year Tim! Great start of the year!

timwootton Thursday 17th January 2013 07:11

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This wasn't meant to be a landscape thread, it just seems to be working out that way.
A View Of Hoy, oil on canvas, 30"x20"

username Thursday 17th January 2013 07:53

Wonderful landscape Tim......more please...:t:

Never been to Hoy.....[i know i should have done]...B (:

ps....hope you are keeping well....:cat:

timwootton Thursday 17th January 2013 15:32

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Cheers Col.
A small Sharpie based on an encounter last week.
Snowbunt Sharpie - 14"x14"

buzzard12 Thursday 17th January 2013 16:28


Originally Posted by timwootton (Post 2639480)
Cheers Col.
A small Sharpie based on an encounter last week.
Snowbunt Sharpie - 14"x14"

Cracking little pen and Watercolour, brimming with life, wonderful subject too. Love it!

The earlier seascape is wonderful Tim, though for me the landscape at Hoy is a breathtaking painting. Not to fussy, yet immaculately portrayed. What a start to 2013...

cjoakley Thursday 17th January 2013 23:30

love the landscapes Tim...and the sharpies are fab - of course!

Bigshent Friday 18th January 2013 16:00

Love the Sharpie as normal and the second scape is gob smacking. Is there nowt you cant paint lad.

RuislipMG Friday 18th January 2013 19:52

nice work tim, will have to have a bash with the sharpie now ive seen how in Artists and Illustrators , some geezer did an article !

JTMB Friday 18th January 2013 22:24

The depth and sense of open space in the Hoy landscape is outstanding. The Snow Buntings are wonderful as well. You never disappoint!

Woody Saturday 19th January 2013 09:17

Said elsewhere but I've got to say again, that landscape is a cracker and it might make me get the oils out again and attempt some landscapes! If only we ever get any bl**dy light around here ever again!


timwootton Saturday 19th January 2013 21:53

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Long-eared owl Sharpie. 20"x16"

JTMB Sunday 20th January 2013 02:03

Gorgeous, and a great example of owl camo! There is at least one of these birds fairly close to home, and they're quite uncommon here, so am anxious to go chase it. Though right now we are in a stretch of dry, but constantly foggy weather, not great for twitching.

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