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AlanFrench Monday 19th February 2018 14:48

Friendly Red-breasted Nuthatch
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I feed the birds all year. Last summer a male Red-breasted Nuthatch kept landing on the feeder as I filled it. One day I held out a handful of mixed seed first. He quickly landed on my hand, carefully picked out a peanut piece, and flew off.

So I bought a bag of shelled peanuts and started putting peanuts on the back deck's railing every day at 3 p.m. He quickly became one of the regular diners. If I was late, he'd fly by the sliding glass doors a few times, and was quite happy to take offerings of peanut halves from my hand. He started showing up at odd hours campaigning for peanuts.

Late in the fall he disappeared. I was thrilled when he showed up again about two weeks ago, eager for peanuts. He has once again become a regular.

I've hand tamed Chickadees in the past and one White-breasted Nuthatch, but they required time and patience. This is the second Red-breasted Nuthatch who has immediately embraced hand offered seed. Both preferred peanut pieces.

It's a lot of fun having such a friend.

Clear skies, Alan

KC Foggin Monday 19th February 2018 15:13

It's a great feeling when this happens. I once had a hummer land on my finger while I was holding the feeder in my hand. Nice capture Alan!

AlanFrench Monday 19th February 2018 15:21

Yes, it is - a real treat.

The hummers don't mind when I'm sitting on the deck near the feeder, but I've never enjoyed a personal visit. Nice!

I did have one go the wrong way when I opened the sliding glass door. She (Ruby-throated) flew into the dining room and hovered by a window, looking out. I cupped my hands around her and took her outside. She had unkind words for me.

Clear skies, Alan

Pavel_D Thursday 1st March 2018 02:40

That is wonderful to see.

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