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simondix Saturday 3rd May 2003 21:48

New garden tick
Today I added Hobby to my garden birds list, which includes birds seen from the garden. As I mowed the lawn it shot down the gardens of the houses opposite. I could not see if it was chasing anything.

peter hayes Saturday 3rd May 2003 21:57

Not a bad one to see from your garden!


ps how is Redditch? My aunt lives there.

simondix Sunday 4th May 2003 07:14

If you sit and watch or just keep your eyes open it's really quite amazing what goes by. I think that applies to everywhere.

Michael Frankis Sunday 4th May 2003 07:20

Sure does pay off. How about 35/40 Waxwings?

That's what I just had flew over this morning, my first ever May Waxwings (they usually leave by mid/late April)


simondix Sunday 4th May 2003 07:35

Never had Waxwing. I'm jealous. Had Peregrines, Goshawk to name a few. Even Pied Flycatcher! Not bad for a suburban garden.

Swift Sunday 4th May 2003 19:39

Long Tailed Tit was the most recent addation , seems a bit time in comparrasion to everybody elses list.

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