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RockstarBruski Saturday 7th December 2019 21:59

Live interactive bird feeder cam that my son made
Hello, I'm new here. My oldest son AKA Padagonian Duck (who loves birds and is a computer science major in college) made an interactive live bird feeder cam in his back yard where people can watch birds for free or if they want contribute .50 cents USD to feed the birds remotely - which helps him pay for his bird seed. So, I thought I would post a link to it here. I hope that is ok and within the rules here. If not let me know thanks! :) Request - it would be great if some of you left him some positive comments on his live stream channel chat to encourage him to build more things like this. :) Cheers link is below.

RockstarBruski Monday 9th December 2019 22:34

Corection. My son's alias is spelled Patagonian Duck.

I need to edit my post. Where is the edit button? The edit button is missing on my original post but appears on my reply.

Hobbit123 Friday 20th December 2019 09:07

Just tried the link but get:

"Video unavailable-This video has been removed by the user"

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