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njlarsen Sunday 19th January 2020 00:08

Greater Sage Grouse
Hello all,
I expect to have a visit to CA this April, second half of the month. Part of the period will be in Palm springs, but I also wanted to drive up to see if a Sage grouse was possible. However, there was a mention that the location at Lake Crawley might be closed in April?

Any other less commonly seen birds that I should be on the lookout for near one of these two places?


njlarsen Wednesday 22nd January 2020 19:33

I see a lot of reads but no comments. What if I broaden the request: any good sites for seeing a Sage Grouse in central CA in last half of April?


Kratter Friday 7th February 2020 18:54

A simple eBird search can really help. Here it is:


njlarsen Friday 7th February 2020 23:05

Thanks Andy. One of the reasons I was asking was due to rumors about locations being closed in April that was open the rest of the year. Any insight into this?


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