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Jackie Garner Monday 22nd March 2010 20:07

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Following on from my post of Heading Home on the Gallery pages here, BF members have kindly suggested I post some more work. (Friendly lot on BF!) So here's an example of what I do - bird sketches from life in watercolour and pencil. Mostly I sketch at WWT Slimbridge, as there are always inspiring subjects around, though this one is from the beautiful Forest of Dean. I like the mixture of pencil and painted sketches on the same page, rather than just one or the other. Hope you enjoy!

nickderry Monday 22nd March 2010 20:09

marvellous work Jackie - lots of life and brilliantly observed. Very much looking forward to seeing more of your work.

buzzard12 Monday 22nd March 2010 20:21

Tremendous. A lovely page of work exceptionally well observed and drawn, like the use of colour too, look forward to seeing more...

ta brandreth Monday 22nd March 2010 20:28

stunning - I'm over here in 'jealous corner' if required....

Apodemus Monday 22nd March 2010 20:56

Oh, what beauties! Fantastic stuff.


Dave B Smith Monday 22nd March 2010 21:27

Agree with the others - great work!

mark richards Monday 22nd March 2010 21:51

Jackie, theres a lot going on in that painting, full of life it, mark..

colleenc Monday 22nd March 2010 21:55

welcome Jackie....really looking forward to more of your fantastic pages...the mix of watercolor and sketch is just delightful to see, not to mention how beautiful the birds are.

hunterpaul Monday 22nd March 2010 22:04

stunning... absolute perfection... Paul

phil baber Tuesday 23rd March 2010 01:55



PLEASE post more!

Bruce Pearson eat your heart out!

Woody Tuesday 23rd March 2010 07:49

Lovely work Jackie, welcome along to the forum and I look forward to you sharing more with us and joining in our sometimes slightly off the wall discussions.


timwootton Tuesday 23rd March 2010 09:02


Originally Posted by ta brandreth (Post 1768495)
stunning - I'm over here in 'jealous corner' if required....

Hope there's room for me too . . . .

ed keeble Tuesday 23rd March 2010 09:06


Originally Posted by timwootton (Post 1768863)
Hope there's room for me too . . . .

while we are at it- I really like the Egyptian Vulture (ancient and new) in the Egyptian bit of your website

Jackie Garner Tuesday 23rd March 2010 09:40

Wow - such great comments, and someone admits to looking at my website too! Double whammy! Thanks everyone. Hope lots of you will come to see me at Bird Fair or Open Studios - planning to have lots of sketches on view.

solitaryVSong Tuesday 23rd March 2010 11:30

Welcome to this corner of the forum Jackie. Very nice drawing/painting.

ARTHUR BISHOP Tuesday 23rd March 2010 16:50

super work and another welcome

Jackie Garner Thursday 25th March 2010 11:46

Detailed Watercolours
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Just got on my soapbox on Matty Bohan's thread about using good quality brushes for watercolours. Thought I'd better put my money where my mouth is, so here's one of my feather paintings - as you can see, I like detail! Brushes were Isabey 6228 and W&N Series 7, sizes ranged from 2 to 10. Good brushes are essential pieces of kit as far as I'm concerned.

nickderry Thursday 25th March 2010 12:04

wow - fluffy and feathery indeed. Great stuff.

mattybohan Thursday 25th March 2010 12:18

Great work! The sketches are lively and the feathers top notch.

colleenc Thursday 25th March 2010 14:19

great #7 WN is on the way

inghamb87 Friday 26th March 2010 05:31

Beautiful work Jackie! I love the choice of colour and the use of both pencil and paint together on the same page. Very well done! I am sure we will be seeing a lot more in the coming days. Looking forward to it.

MCspudd Friday 26th March 2010 05:48

WOW thats really good

Jackie Garner Saturday 27th March 2010 13:12

Latest Penguin Pic
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Here it is, hot off the easel, my latest painting. Sorry to post more penguins, but actually they're the first I've done for a year. Haven't decided on a title yet; any ideas, anyone?

mosca Sunday 28th March 2010 12:55

I've not got a name but a lovely picture. It demonstrate their comical gait especially in the beautiful reflexion.

timwootton Sunday 28th March 2010 13:17

No title suggestion here either, I'm afraid - but I agree it's a beautifully executed painting, full of comical character; lovely piece.

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