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brianfm Tuesday 15th July 2014 09:02

Iceland Trip May 2015...Information Please.
My friend and I are about to begin planning a trip to Iceland in May 2015. (Precise dates not set as yet, but because of other commitments it does have to be May). Probably staying 7-10 days Whilst the main focus of the trip is to be birds we are both keen photographers and general naturalists and want to see as much of the landscape/wildlife as possible which would give good photographic opportunities and also take part in at least one whale watching trip.

As neither of us drive we are hoping to arrange a driver/guide and would welcome any suggestions as how best to approach this. I have found a website which lists available guides, but any extra information would be useful. Also welcome would be advice as to best base/s for accommodation (we arenít looking for luxury just somewhere comfortable or even a bit uncomfortable if giving good access to wildlife and landscape) giving access to the best sites/areas.


foresttwitcher Tuesday 15th July 2014 20:11


Great place to visit. Can not help with a guide as I did a 1 week self-guided/driven trip many years ago - May was a good time. Also can not offer any accommodation tips as we wild camped & lived out of the car.

But places to visit for birds should include: Latrabjarg - for auks, gulls, etc. & Lake Myvatn/Laxa River - for ducks & phalarope -amongst many others. I'm sure someone will be along with the details you want.

We did a complete circuit of the island & the photo opportunities in terms of landscape, waterfalls, etc., are nearly endless - if you get the weather; apparently it has been a poor summer this year.

Bird list was 65 for the week.

Have a good trip.

dantheman Tuesday 15th July 2014 21:17

Back from a 10 day trip or so a few weeks back - yes, highly recommended! A trip report will be forthcoming soon ish ... Basically a full anticlockwise circuit - mostly birds but fantastic scenery and some good cetaceans too.

Presumably you've checked out the reports on here from a year or two back?

Edward's website/facebook page will have further info/updates, and he may have recommendations.

Cloudbirder is also good for trip reports.

If it was a driver/guide at a basic rate you were interested in, I'd probably be very tempted to make the return trip ... ;)

Andy Hurley Friday 18th July 2014 08:21

Another birding resource is here Its in Icelandic, but it also has photos and scientific names. The maps and time lines are good too.

brianfm Friday 18th July 2014 17:09

Thanks Pete, Dan and Andy. Plenty to mull over.
I think I do need to get the guiding sorted and work from there. I'm assuming the guiding won't be a problem if we come up with the appropriate rates, although until i look into it further I have no idea what they are. Might get back to you on that one Dan.;)
It would be useful to have some advice re the guiding from those who know so hopefully that info will be forthcoming. Plenty of time to plan, and as I'm away again in August on an non wildlife related trip I'm not seriously researching until I get back. Must admit I know very little about Iceland apart from it 'looks good' and I've wanted to visit for many years after having seen a fictional serious on TV filmed there. Thanks again.

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