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Woodchat Sunday 3rd April 2016 20:08

Today's sightings:

A pair of Teal on New Mill floods
Little Owl at Ladywood
Willow Warbler singing and showing well just west of Salwarpe village
1 Tufted Duck at Tapenhall and 2 at Hawford (all drakes)
5 Yellowhammers (2 males) at Egg Lane, Mildenham plus 1 female near Chatley
1 Peregrine near Chatley
A pair of Gadwall at Hawford
1 Greylag over Mildenham and 2 over Porter's Mill
Singing Blackcaps at New Mill (1), Ladywood (2) and Salwarpe (2+)
Siskins, Meadow Pipits and the odd Redpoll still regularly encountered but no winter thrushes at all recorded today.
Several decent flocks of Linnets (up to 50 birds) at Copcut Rise

250 - 300 Sand Martins plus a few Swallows gathering at Coney at dusk (I left early due to heavy showers).

Also, Chiffchaffs (35+), Ravens, Grey Wagtails at Salwarpe and Porter's Mill, Kingfishers at Salwarpe and Mildenham, Buzzards, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Stock Doves, Coots, Moorhens, Nuthatch, singing Treecreeper, Coal Tit, Goldcrests, Reed Buntings, Grey Herons, Cormorants.

Woodchat Tuesday 5th April 2016 07:19

A Water Rail called from Coney reedbed early this morning. They have been relatively quiet lately which, presumably, means they're breeding.

A pair of Gadwall were on New Mill floods. 2 singing Blackcaps around Salwarpe amongst the dawn Chorus. Two Ravens flew from their roost.

c300 Sand Martins roosted yesterday evening plus one Swallow and about 50 Pied Wags.

Woodchat Tuesday 5th April 2016 19:24

A Green Sandpiper this evening at Copcut Rise in one of the newly created drainage lagoons. This area could prove interesting over the next few weeks as long as they don't restrict the access along the footpath again.

A flock of 50+ Linnets still also.

Easily 300 Sand Martins in the roost at Coney plus 2 Swallows. Plus 2 Snipe just flew out.

Woodchat Friday 8th April 2016 05:13

Grasshopper Warbler reeling Coney Meadow by east gate (Droitwich end).

Cetti's Warbler showing well also.

Phil Andrews Friday 8th April 2016 06:41


Originally Posted by Woodchat (Post 3382081)
Grasshopper Warbler reeling Coney Meadow by east gate (Droitwich end).

Cetti's Warbler showing well also.

Nice one Dave - your earliest record at Coney?

Woodchat Friday 8th April 2016 06:44

IIRC my earliest Gropper was 5th April a few years back.

Just checked - 05/04/14 is my earliest at Coney - possibly my earliest anywhere.

Phil Andrews Friday 8th April 2016 06:55

Thanks Dave - Coney always seems to attract the first wave of the year

Woodchat Friday 8th April 2016 18:29

Lovely! Male Redstart in hedge at Coney Meadow. Only my 3rd spring record here.

Woodchat Friday 8th April 2016 20:03

No sign of the Gropper this evening - but they are often unpredictable early in the season.

400 - 500 Sand Martins roosted.

A Green Sandpiper was at Copcut Rise again.

Greylag this morning.

Woodchat Saturday 9th April 2016 05:06

Grasshopper Warbler singing briefly just before 6am - difficult to pinpoint exactly where the bird is but definitely nearer the Droitwich side.

Woodchat Saturday 9th April 2016 19:51

2 Green Sandpipers together at Copcut Rise this evening.

2 Little Owls seen today - one at Ladywood and the other at Jacob's Ladder.

Singing Willow Warbler at New Mill this morning.

Swallows at Egg Lane, Copcut and Ladywood (5).

4 House Martins at Ladywood.

2 Yellowhammers Egg Lane.

Woodchat Sunday 10th April 2016 06:26

A Curlew at Copcut Rise - the first I've seen on the patch for a few years.

Two Green Sandpipers still. Singing Willow Warbler also.

Grasshopper Warbler very briefly just before 6am at Coney - very cold and frosty.

Woodchat Sunday 10th April 2016 20:00

Further sightings:

2 Gadwall Tapenhall, singing Willow Warbler at Hawford, Swallows at Hawford, Chatley (2), Copcut and Salwarpe, Tufted Duck at Hawford, 10 Greylags over Coney yesterday, 400+ Sand Martins roosting at Coney, Treecreeper, Goldcrests, Kestrels, Buzzard, Sparrowhawks, Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Coots (6), Meadow Pipits, Grey Wagtlails, Siskins over in several places plus Redpoll over near Tapenhall, Grey Herons.

A very bold American Mink took Moorhen eggs from its nest at Porter's Mill.

An Egret sp. seen distantly yesterday as it flew over High Park was probably a Little Egret but the views I had wete very poor.

1 Small Tortoiseshell.

Woodchat Tuesday 12th April 2016 20:36

A Tawny Owl was hooting from High Park this evening.

500+ Sand Martins and a few Swallows roosted. A Cetti's Warbler called.

1 Willow Warbler at Salwarpe this morning.

Woodchat Wednesday 13th April 2016 17:43

Osprey over Mildenham between Porter's Mill and Hawford - briefly landed in tree then headed along river Salwarpe towards Grimley.

Also male Wheatear in freshly sown field along Egg Lane.

Woodchat Wednesday 13th April 2016 18:28

Common Whitethroat singing Coney Meadow and showing well.

Woodchat Thursday 14th April 2016 12:51

An excellent birding session yesterday evening - time was limited and my ability to walk any distance is impaired due to a dodgy foot at the moment, so I decided to drive around the patch:

I particularly wanted to check out a field along Egg Lane which, based on recent rambles around the area, looks ideal for Wheatears - recently tilled, sparsely vegetated and slightly elevated from the Salwarpe Valley. I parked the car in a gateway which gives good views of both the field and the valley below. My first scan and bingo! - a male Wheatear - my first this year. What I wasn't expecting, however, was an Osprey to drift over the same field a couple of minutes later! Patch Tick! The bird flew straight in front of me and headed towards a distant group of trees, where it perched briefly before heading down the Salwarpe valley towards the confluence with the river Severn. With at least 5 fishing pools in this area, I guess it's not too surprising that it would attract an Osprey and it is probably a long overdue addition to my patch list.

Other sightings:

Singing Willow Warbler Copcut
Muntjac Deer High Park
several bats at dusk

Little Owl showing well at Ladywood this morning.

Woodchat Saturday 16th April 2016 14:25

A pair of Mandarin Duck on Tapenhall fishing pool this morning.

A Coot on New Mill floods was unusual for that area.

Willow Warbler singing at Mildenham plus another west of Salwape.

A Common Whitethoat at Coney Meadow plus several Swallows and 2 House Martins over.

Woodchat Sunday 17th April 2016 06:46

Two singing Sedge Warblers between Tapenhall and Mildenham.

4 Gadwall, 1 Greylag, 4 Coot and 7 singing Willow Warblers in the area. Female Yellowhammer and 4 RL Partridges Egg Lane.

Singing Reed Warbler between Mildenham and Hawford.

Woodchat Sunday 17th April 2016 10:30

Singing Lesser Whitethroat Copcut Rise

and female Wheatear plus Willow Warbler (a bit of a 'fall' of WW's today it would seem).

Woodchat Sunday 17th April 2016 18:53

Male Yellow Wagtail over Coney circled low and landed briefly in field on the opposite side of the canal then flew over again calling and headed west.

Woodchat Monday 18th April 2016 04:43

At last! - a Barn Owl hunting over Coney this morning.

Woodchat Monday 18th April 2016 07:29

A fairly productive weekend - full round-up below:

Mandarin (pair), Tufted Duck (drake), Gadwall (4+, 3 drakes), Coots, Moorhens, Mallards, Canada Geese, Greylag, Grey Herons, Cormorant, Barn Owl, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Buzzards, Ravens, Starlings, Swallows widespread, House Martins (2 over Salwape and 2 Porter's Mill), Sand Martins (several small flocks over but no significant roost at Coney), Willow warblers (9), Wheatear, Yellow Wagtail, Grey Wagtails, Pied wagtails (50+ roosted at Coney), Lesser Whitethroat (1 Copcut yesterday and 1 near Salwarpe this morning), Common Whitethroat (present all days including this morning at Coney), Reed Warbler near Mildenham, 2 Sedge Warblers near Tapenhall, Reed Buntings, Yellowhammer, still a few Meadow Pipits about in various places, Linnets (two flocks of ~50 at Copcut), Snipe at Coney, Kingfisher, a few Black-headed Gulls and lots of LBB and Herrings, Coal Tits, Nuthatch, Treecreepers (singing), Chiffchaffs now abundant and Blackcaps increasingly common, Great Spotted and Green Woodpeckers, singing Mistle Thrushes, Skylarks, Song Thrushes, Long-tailed Tits, Bullfinches, Goldcrests and all the other commoner species.

Butterflies included several Small Tortoiseshells and a Peacock.

Mary Monday 18th April 2016 17:32


Originally Posted by Woodchat (Post 3387304)
At last! - a Barn Owl hunting over Coney this morning.


Woodchat Monday 18th April 2016 19:53

Two Barn Owls together at Coney this evening - perching in trees and calling to each other and showing well in the eastern part of the meadow.

Tawny Owl calling also from High Park area.

Reed Warbler singing from in front of the screen.

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