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Silvio Davison Tuesday 1st July 2008 23:06

Gull ID, Italy
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Taken in the south of Italy a few days ago. Any ideas?



mb1848 Wednesday 2nd July 2008 07:09

armenian / barabensis / cachinnans

lou salomon Wednesday 2nd July 2008 08:01

surely an intersting gull! it looks very small and small headed. since shadows and unsharp image don't allow to asses mantle shade and bill height exactly it will be hard. first impression was of a 2cy baltic gull (l. fuscus fuscus) but bill looks very stubby. the elongated shape and dark brown upperparts (browner wings than scapulars) however look ok for this taxon.

Silvio Davison Wednesday 2nd July 2008 12:07

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Here are other pics and some more will be sent to me this evening...
Is Baltic that small though?



Silvio Davison Thursday 3rd July 2008 11:04

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Here are another two photos...
What do the gull experts say? JanJ?



SJC Thursday 3rd July 2008 11:09

To me in structure and colours nothing like an Armenian or Caspian but one of the darker Lesser Black-backed Gulls, probably a fuscus

Silvio Davison Thursday 3rd July 2008 11:11

But if you compare it to the YLGs around it it appears to be very small and bill looks pretty slim...are these good characters for fuscus?

lou salomon Thursday 3rd July 2008 11:43

shortly: yes, although like all larger gulls size is variable and dwarfy individuals occure in each of them. more important is the impression i get on its structure: short legged and long winged. but i wouldn't give a definite id on these pics alone. anyway baltic gull should be a good record for (where exactly?) for southern italy. jan seems to be off since 2 weeks.

Silvio Davison Thursday 3rd July 2008 12:02

The lucky fellow :-)
It was seen in the Puglia region of S Italy...I don't actually know it's present status but it's surely an excellent record (if not an accidental)!

Thx again


JANJ Thursday 3rd July 2008 20:04

Hello all - just back from my honeymoon in southern France (Nice and all, many Indian Silverbills, Yellow-legged Gulls, Pallid Swifts (millions, and lots of perfect close ups together with Common Swifts) and much much more!

About Silvios gull - I would prefer to suggest Baltic/intermedius since both can overlap completely - and because the images are not that up to ID standard.


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