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leovb Friday 5th June 2009 09:13

Best birding areas in July
We will be going to Australia in July for two weeks and travel around in a campervan.
We have very little preparationtime and would like to visit one of the "best" birding areas/regions for that period (though we realize australia has quit a few of those). We have visited Queensland in September four years back and though that state is a place we will visit again we are interested in other states. As long as there is good weather in July (I have travel companions who oddly enough have more interests as just birds!, just as well keeps me sane). PLease experienced Oz-birders give a hand?!
Cheers, Leo

The Bosun Saturday 6th June 2009 01:14

G'day Leo.

I'm only new to birding, so I can't give too much advice, however, I have owned a campervan & also hired them in Qld a couple of times.

If you are only in Oz for two weeks & are going to spend some time in Qld, I suspect you won't get to see much more than parts of Qld & NSW.

It was my time in Noosa last year that started me in this birding thing & I am planning to go back there shortly. Recommend that area. If you are staying in caravan parks, I can recommend the Noosa Tewantin Caravan Park. :t:

Have also spent some time in Hervey Bay - pre birding - and recommend that area. Several good council caravan parks on the beach. :t:

Enjoy. B (:

rusky Tuesday 28th July 2009 06:54

Bumping this thread - rather than starting a new one. Looking for input from all you Aussie birders.

new to birding too, like Eric the Bosun. Based in Melbourne, Australia and keen to build a list of the top 10 birding spots in Australia so I can plan to visit them over the next few years.

Have been doing some surfing and have come accross these places that are recommended

1) Port Douglas/Cairns area
2) Lamington Nat Park - QLD 40k fr GoldCoast
3) Capertee Valley, NSW - 150k NW of Sydney
4) Kangaroo Island, SA

Also building a list for Victoria (my state and hence easier to get to)
1) Grampians National Park
2) Wilsons Promontary Nat Park

Looking forward to all your input

Andrew Whitehouse Tuesday 28th July 2009 07:43

I went to the first two of your recommended places earlier this month, and they're certainly very good. The Cairns area could certainly keep you very busy for a week or more, whilst Lamington is good for a few days. The weather was quite cool and changeable there. You should see plenty of good birds pretty much wherever you go though.

John_WA Tuesday 28th July 2009 10:52

Hi Rusky,

Broome would definitely rate a mention in the top 10 birding areas in Australia. Big numbers of waders (inc. the chance of Asian Dowitcher & Common Redshank) and probably turns up more rarities than just about anywhere else bar external territories (Christmas & Cocos Islands). Also has a good range of waterbirds and bushbirds and the Broome Bird Observatory.

The Albany region on the south coast of WA might also squeeze in, mainly for the big three skulkers (Noisy Scrub-bird, Western Bristlebird & Western Whipbird), but also has a good range of species including a lot of the other SW endemics


njlarsen Tuesday 28th July 2009 14:29

for your own state, I fondly remember the NW corner with Hattah-kulkyne (spelling?) etc parks. Birdlife is quite different from the wetter areas.

You are also relatively close to the Deniliquin area in NSW, with some more good birds.


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