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andrea86bert Friday 22nd September 2017 22:17

Meopta S2 82 HD stay on case
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Hi to all.
What do you think about the stay on case in the image below? Is it helpful in the field? Has it any drawback?

Thank you!


Egrets Ivadafew Saturday 23rd September 2017 01:06

Hi Andrea,
Sadly a stay on case only becomes helpful if you drop the scope, otherwise it's just something else (along with, extending and locking the tripod legs, freeing the pan and tilt locks on the head, lining the scope up) that hinders you getting on that dazzling, fleeting, once in a lifetime bird as it burns across the horizon. Also, the case looks quite padded around that focus wheel maybe restricting you to use finger and thumb. I got that hacked off with my stay on case, in the end I slung it and wrapped the scope in camo-tape. I make sure the rubber cap is always on the lens when I'm not viewing, and I made a DIY cover for the eyepiece which I've tethered to the scope's foot. Not everyone's cup of tea of course, but I'm OK with it.

fazalmajid Saturday 23rd September 2017 07:21

It does make focusing a bit clumsier, and the objective flap is very snug. Overall I find it more practical than the oversized carrying case.

andrea86bert Saturday 23rd September 2017 08:35

Thank you very much to all!

Sancho Saturday 23rd September 2017 10:35


Originally Posted by andrea86bert (Post 3620680)
Thank you very much to all!

I have the Meopta S2 and it came with the case, which I never use, for reasons in post 2 above. Helical focussers and SOC's don't mix. The only SOC I ever liked was the tight neoprene one on the old Zeiss Victory 85mm, and that was only useful because the scope body was metal and cold to the touch in winter.

FrenchRaccoon Tuesday 7th November 2017 16:08

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My answer is late...
For my Meopta, I use a SOC Kite for Swaro ATS 80.
The main advantage is that the focuser turns freely. And I can use finger and thumb because there is a "hole" under the SOC.
I believe that the genuine model Meopta (or Swaro !) hampers little the focusing wheel.

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