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adampaul Wednesday 12th March 2008 13:22

Argentina & Chile - birdy BA & Patagonia locations?
Hi folks,

My fiancee & I are heading to Argentina & Chile on Saturday 3/15 and would appreciate any specific advise about where the best birding is.

We are spending 3 days in El Calafate, where we will check out Laguna Nimez (I read it has guided birding walks daily at 9am & 6pm except on Sundays - is that still the case?), and weather permitting, hire a guide for a day to explore the birds on Estancia 25 de Mayo's grounds.

Next is 4 days in Parque Nacional Torres del Paine in Chile, and I don't have any ideas on birding locations in that locale.

We have 3 free days that are unplanned thus far, except that we need to end up at Punta Arenas. If it's not too late in the year already, we'll swing by Seno Otway to see penguins. We will have a car for this part of the trip.

Lastly we have 1.5 weeks in Buenos Aires. Costanera Sur is an obvious place to bird, and we'll probably take a day trip to Tigre. Ribera Norte was on my list, but a recent thread here indicated that it is closed due to flooding as of February - is that still the case?

Book-wise, we have "Birds of Chile" by Jaramillo and "Birds of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Antarctic Peninsula" by Couve & Vidal. Gear-wise I'm travelling "light" with 10x bins and a 70-300mm lens for my dSLR.

Any tips, thoughts, etc are much appreciated!


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