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lmans66 Friday 6th February 2009 03:15

I was driving to teach a class in a nearby town today and passed a set of 3 trees lined on the side of the road. As I approached the trees I saw all of these large blobs in the trees. Within those 3-4 trees were 10 raptors of various types. One was an adult Bald Eagle, it appeared a few more might be juveniles Eagles, a few Red-tailed Hawks and others hawks that I couldn't really see. But wow, 10 Raptors all sitting within such a short clump of trees of each others.

Never seen that!

tjbirdofprey Friday 6th February 2009 09:14

wow! ten raptors of various types you would have to be very lucky in the UK to see that.......most i have seen is an osprey sat on a dead branch with a common Buzzard on the right of it sat on another branch.o:D

Enji Friday 6th February 2009 10:55

That sounds really cool... I've never seen more than one or two raptors in one tree.

Other people have though, I was pretty amazed by this pic. Lots of Red Kites! |=)|

Lisa W Friday 6th February 2009 14:04

Great find, would definitely make one's day. I get excited when I see a raptor in a tree instead of on a pole!

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