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Frank-birding Saturday 27th June 2020 20:34

Wood or Marsh Sandpiper, Netherlands June 2020
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Yesterday I saw a Wood or Marsh Sandpiper (I think), 5 miles from the Dutch coast (Noord-Holland, Schagen) on mud flats near a tiny lake.

The bird was foraging near a Lapwing, always staying very close to the cover of a small green border (low bushes, grass and weeds).

Could someone help me ID this bird? Apologies for the bad images (taken in strong back light and over a huge distance).

(The first 3 images are of the candidate bird. The last 2 probably as well, but I'm not 100% if it's the same bird, as I later found the images in another sequence I took a minute earlier.)

Bye, Frank

KenM Saturday 27th June 2020 22:21

I’d go with Marsh Sandpiper, the particularly fine bill I believe, supports the species.


Parker Saturday 27th June 2020 22:22

Not the best photos, not disrespect but looks like a Marsh Sand to me.

jurek Saturday 27th June 2020 22:58

Also the lack of clear supercilium points to Marsh Sandpiper.

Frank-birding Sunday 28th June 2020 08:05

Hello Ken, Neil en Jurek,

Thanks a lot for your help with this ID and explanations.

Bye, Frank

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