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kennethwfd Wednesday 8th July 2020 11:51

Buzzard attacks cyclists
I normally find them shy, hence difficulty in getting a half decent photograph, but not this one

Xenospiza Wednesday 8th July 2020 21:57

It happens annually in the Netherlands. Funnily, they seem to prefer joggers and people on racing bikes.

I saw a bit of film earlier this year where a woman told how she had been attacked by "a beautiful bird".
That really pleased me – someone gets attacked by a buzzard and still sees it in a positive light!

jurek Thursday 9th July 2020 11:24

I suspect this 'attack' was a surprised bird crashing or narrowly swerving to avoid a high-speed cyclist. Possibly a freshly fledged juvenile. I was once "attacked" by a Woodpigeon when cycling. It flew from the side in the completely open place with good visibility. It hit me in the face and it was quite painful.

Otherwise - as Kennethwwfd pointed, a fearless buzzard would become an attraction to photographers from far and wide.

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