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sja68 Monday 5th May 2008 12:02

3 Attachment(s)
My pictures were not great from our birding trip yesterday. I don't know the problem. I have a panasonic FZ7.

Can any of the birds in these photos be identified?

Taken in a flooded out cornfield in upstate NY.

Thank you.

Dougie Preston Monday 5th May 2008 12:03

I think you might have a problem, as no pics are available to view!

Jim M. Monday 5th May 2008 12:47

Photos are up now. In the first photo, I see 2 Lesser Yellowlegs and what appears to be a Spotted (or possibly Solitary) Sandpiper-- but the latter bird is not showing up well at all in the photo. Habitat/behavior (wading rather than scurrying on the shore) and leg color looks better for Solitary Sandpiper, but size looks better for Spotted. I believe the second and third photos are Lesser Yellowlegs also, but not positive.


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