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thecuriousnuthatch Tuesday 12th March 2019 09:03

Binocular attachments for cameras

New birder here!

My main priority is looking at birds, but a few times I've really wanted to take a photo of a spot.

(An example is when I saw a dipper, the day after a conversation with a friend about dippers! I wanted to send my friend a picture...I ended up aligning my phone with the eye piece of my binoculars and taking a (rather blurry) photo that way!).

I certainly do not want to be lugging around heavy equipment, and money is definitely a I was wondering if anybody has had success with mounts for connecting your binoculars to a camera/phone camera?

Thank you!

Chosun Juan Tuesday 12th March 2019 10:07

I've done similar - lined my phone camera (Samsung Note 3) up manually with my bins (843 Zen-Ray ED3).

There's a shot of some geese I took at a lagoon one afternoon in my gallery. I have to say the lining up was quite finicky (and there is some vignetting evident), but I was pleasantly surprised by the sharpness. I think the caper has some potential.

I have been waiting (in vain) for a decent larger camera sensor upgrade to the Note (the 'telephoto' - pretty much just getting on for normal view - sensors in particular are minute) before upgrading models. Once I do that when a suitable phone appears I will look into a more dedicated secure phone/binocular mounting bracket, and maybe new bins to go along with them - I'm thinking 8 or 10x42 Nikon MHG or 32 Swarovski SV.

Certainly handy to carry around, and better than nothing. :)

Chosun :gh:

thecuriousnuthatch Wednesday 13th March 2019 12:14

Yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one doing this ��

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