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DRodrigues Saturday 1st April 2017 12:51

Sony a6*** + STX + what lens?
I still do digiscopy with my a6000 hand-held on a STX95, with the 16-50mm zoom - it works great so have been delaying the purchase of an adapter since with this combo it will occupy needed space in my bag, besides cost...
From what I'm used to do, the DLM from digiadapter is my preferred option but oblige me to go for a prime lens. The Sigma 30 DN is a good choice but I wonder if wouldn't be better to go for a SEL 35, since I do also videoscoping? The OSS helps at these mags?

jourdaj Monday 3rd April 2017 18:01

I've just purchased the STX 85 from Swarovski and am testing it using my Sony a6300 w/ Sigma 28 mm f/2.8 lens. The Sigma 28 pairs nicely w/ the 25-60X Zoom w/o vignetting and produces impressively sharp images. Check out my recent blog posts w/ photos.

DRodrigues Tuesday 25th April 2017 21:17

Thanks Jerry. I would expect so.
However, my question is about video and if there is any advantage on having OSS?

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