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tcolarusso Friday 8th November 2019 18:11

Can we ID this?
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Taken from a trail cam in Canton,NY on Sept 4th, 2020. Feel like the cheek markings should make it an obvious ID, but I'm not sure what this one could be. Any help greatly appreciated, and I appologize if I'm missing an obvious ID!!

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Seth Miller Friday 8th November 2019 18:16

Juvenile American robin

ClarkWGriswold Friday 8th November 2019 18:20

I agree with Seth. And welcome to BirdForum.


tcolarusso Friday 8th November 2019 19:41

Oh thats horrible.. I've honestly never observed one like that, those cheek marks seemed so well defined I never thought it could have been a Jv anything..

We have a family of them nesting under our deck every year.. Thanks you for the ID, agree 100%, and thanks for the welcome!

Never know what you'll get on a trail cam!

Thanks, TedC

Microtus Saturday 9th November 2019 01:24

Welcome to the Forum, TedC. That is a juvenile robin facing the camera.

KC Foggin Saturday 9th November 2019 02:03

Hi ya Ted and welcome aboard from those of us on staff here at BirdForum :t:

I've been birding for more than 20 years and I'm still learning so don't be too hard on yourself ;)

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