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phil baber Friday 4th February 2011 14:03

Yucatan, Mexico.
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Any thoughts on the following?

Am thinking the small peeps and the peep with the Ruddy Turnstone might be Semi-Ps or Western Sandpipers?

The Vultures...Turkey?

Thanks in anticipation of help. :t:

Jim M. Friday 4th February 2011 14:15

1- Yucatan Jay
4- Turkey Vulture

Tough angle on the peeps. Look close to size of Turnstone, so maybe Sanderling?


Phil Carter Friday 4th February 2011 14:32

Sanderling for the waders, although they do seem thin billed. Great- tailed Grackle for the last one?


jacana Friday 4th February 2011 16:55

Great-tailed Grackle seems like a good bet for the last one

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