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Otarujef Sunday 8th March 2020 15:28

Several different grebes and a loon?
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Place: Yoichi River (emptys into the sea), Yoichi, Hokkaido, Japan
Time: 12:15
Weather Cloudy, 3 C

Hi Everyone!

I was not sure if possible to ID from the photos,
any help is great appreciated.
The shape suggests grebes but I may be wrong.
One birds neck was long with white running up it ,
yet the head was completely black,
not half upwards at the eye...
Which I thought that one bird might be a Pacific Loon,
versus a great crested grebe or something.
The majority are small and seem like grebes.
Any clues, or something that still defines the bird
given the poor quality of the photo?
600 mm at ~198 meter (650 ft) distance to the birds.

Thanks! Jeff :D

Otarujef Sunday 8th March 2020 15:36

addition of the possible loon photo I forgot
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Forgot the pic I was referring to in my post above!

Jeff :D

Steve Lister Sunday 8th March 2020 16:55

Probably all Little Grebes.

Nutcracker Sunday 8th March 2020 19:43

Ditto to Little Grebes, the yellow-eyed east Asian subspecies T. r. poggei :t:

Otarujef Monday 9th March 2020 05:45

Steve and Nutcracker,

Thank you both so much for your input!
yes, got the poggei subspecies:wink:
That day saw the Great-crested Grebe,
as well as Goldeneyes, Gadwalls, Eurasian Teals,
Red-breasted Mergansers, Harlequins, Mallards,
and even a male and female Smew!

A good day for ducks.....
With the virus here it was kind of a duck and cover mission....

Jeff :D

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