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Martyn Yapp Tuesday 20th February 2007 17:48

Pacific Divers

Perphaps someone could help. I was out of the UK whilst the well twitched Pacific Diver was in Yorks. Does anybody know how good or what the present feeling is about the other two birds are, one in Wales and in Cornwall, as I suppose I should make the effort in seeing one.

Martyn Yapp

Allen Tuesday 20th February 2007 17:56

There's a couple of other threads running on these so probably best read those to gain enlightenment!!

bitterntwisted Tuesday 20th February 2007 18:12

Cornish bird not located today, Pembroke bird still present. Opinion seems to be veering to probable rather than possible on the Pembroke bird although this may be a response to Josh (Wrexile1) dismissing it so cursorily. Looks promising to me from photos on Birdguides and literature I've read. Cornwall bird only one poor photo in circulation.

Yorkshire bird was great:

dbradnum Tuesday 20th February 2007 20:56

Cornish bird (an adult) was reported again this afternoon per RBA. News went out as a probable, though showing distantly.

Conorbirda2 Tuesday 20th February 2007 21:25

Cornwall bird is good despite poor photos. I'm sure more will turn up (or at least looked for) now people know what to look for. Cant comment on the Pembrokes bird, not seen it.

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