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Allen S. Moore Sunday 7th September 2008 21:49

Audible nocturnal migrant waders and other water birds
Although the redwing is the nocturnal migrant bird that I have heard most often over my home town Peel here in the Isle of Man, I have also heard a number of species of wading birds flying over at night (greenshank was the best) and occasionally other water birds, most impressively a herd of whooper swans a few years ago, a wonderful sound.

This evening I heard what sounded a bit like common or arctic terns flying over in the dark. I'm not sure what they were, mind, as I haven't heard those species for a few years. It set me wondering, do others hear migrating waders or other birds flying over at night? I'm sure that it is a global phenomenon!


MSA Sunday 7th September 2008 22:17

Wherever I've lived, quite a large "chunk" of my garden list involves night-time calls, indeed I've just added Green Sandpiper to my current garden list this evening!

Rob1991S-O-T Monday 8th September 2008 05:58

i have had whooper swans over in the night
and heard when in norfolk dunlin flying over at night

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