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BirdsPeru Tuesday 25th October 2005 00:40

Boise Birding
I would like to know if there is any good birding place near Boise, ID. I will be traveling to Boise this weekend for work but have sunday free so I would like to go birdong that day.

I know the time of year is not the best but hopefully can get some birds from that location.

thanks in advance for any information.


Steve Gross Tuesday 25th October 2005 21:56

The Snake River Birds of Prey area, south of Boise, is great for Great Basin birds and winter raptors.

Additionally, here's a link to the Idaho birding listserve, which will have current sightings.

Boise's a great town; I used to live there, though I was not a birder at the time. I've since mended my ways and birded throughout Idaho yearly.

Best of luck with your trip.

Steve in Houston

BirdsPeru Tuesday 25th October 2005 22:13

Thanks Steve for your answer. I will take a look into this links and hopefully got some great birds arround Boise this weekend.


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