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Kevin Purcell Tuesday 30th September 2008 19:41

Binocular bargains
So I was lucky to get in on the Pentax DCF WP for $50 deal this weekend. But I felt for the people who missed it.

So I started this thread.

Consider this thread to be like the "binocular ramblings" thread as an ongoing thread to share the "best deals" you've found on the net. Bookmark it so you can find it when you need to post a bargain.

Please give
  • the name of the product
  • the price
  • shipping cost (especially if free)
  • Any other comments (e.g. if you've dealt with those folks)
  • a link to the product on the web site site to follow up

Caveat Emptor. You can check comments and ratings of online resellers at

Beware those in Brooklyn, NY (there are a couple of good ones but they show up at reseller ratings).

And to be clear: I have no relationship with any of the deals I post. This is just trying to help other binouholics get their fix.

Kevin Purcell Tuesday 30th September 2008 19:46

So I kick the thread off with

Celestron Ultima DX 8x32
$79.95 with free shipping

Very sharp, if a bit heavy mid-sized porro (30oz, a lot of that is in glass)

I reviewed the one I have in my Budget Bins thread. It's very sharp, bright, wide FOV with excellent eye relief. Certainly in the $300+ roof range in optical quality. And this is $10 less than Eagle Optics.

I've never dealt with

Kevin Purcell Tuesday 30th September 2008 19:50

Another buydig deal

Pentax 8x40 XCF Binoculars
$45 with free shiping

porro with internal focus
wide FOV (8.2 degrees) unusual for Pentax.
Downside is ER only 13mm not good for eyeglass wearers

Again, I've never dealt with

Kevin Purcell Tuesday 30th September 2008 19:52

Third buydig deal for those that want a roof.

Pentax 8x36 DCF HS Binoculars
$130 shipped

Midsized JIS 4 (water resistant) roof. Not a lot of detail on the site but these are typical Pentax narrower FOV.

Amazon too (with more technical details and perhaps sales tax!)

Again, I've never dealt with

OK, now start posting the deals you find ;)

Henry B Tuesday 30th September 2008 21:09

Audubon 8x40 less than 2o see Bird Watching mag p15.

Tero Tuesday 30th September 2008 23:57

sample list
I have not bought off the list, but have dealt with SWFA, they are OK

there is a zeiss conquest 10x30 for 400 among rifle scopes etc.

Kevin Purcell Wednesday 1st October 2008 02:35


Originally Posted by Tero (Post 1300348)
sample list
I have not bought off the list, but have dealt with SWFA, they are OK

there is a zeiss conquest 10x30 for 400 among rifle scopes etc.

Even better along the bar at the top of the page (below the header) you can cut that choice down to just seeing particular items e.g. the bins (or seeing the last n items added to the list) by clicking on a link. So you don't have to wade through lots of sights that you have no interest in.

e.g. bins only and see the bargains you missed ;)

Tero Wednesday 1st October 2008 02:42

Yeah there is all kinds of stuff there. Be careful with warranties, read fine print etc.
Leica 8x42 Ultravid BR...might be able to reach one of those one of these years. I have teenagers. One is just now spending a lot traveling. Plus both have braces. :'D

Kevin Purcell Wednesday 1st October 2008 18:27

Best price I've seen for the Swift Eaglet 7x36 $329 with free shipping

The only thing to check is to verify it has the CFT (Cold Fusion Technology == cold deposited dielectric mirror) coatings (i.e. it's the current version) and not the previous version which would make it rather less of a bargain.

Comments on the previous version

SteveC has commented on the current version on the forum.

I see Adorama claim it has ED glass. Not sure that's true. Not mentioned at Swift Optics and they would know ;)

Steve C Wednesday 1st October 2008 20:31


If the picture of the Eaglet on the adorama link is correct, that is not the CFT version. Swift always used the pictured fold down eyecups untill the new CFT version. That is when they began to use twist up eyecups.

Also below Swift Eaglet on the objective barrel it clearly states CFT prisms. The CFT is bold and would show in that photo.

They do not use ED glass. The Eaglet was developed for and still sold mainly to Law Enforcement Agencies (used by SWAT teams a lot apparrently) and is built to the same original bid specifications which have not changed since the binocular was introduced. They were able to use CFT coatings because the change was OK'd by contract negotiations. Turns out that monkeying around with eye pieces and fov would cause hasssles with their contract.

Steve C Wednesday 1st October 2008 23:27

Swift Audubon 820 ED

Hot Digital for $378.00

Tero Thursday 2nd October 2008 01:01

Some possible deals here
it is the same outfit
hmm, it all goes to
read fine print on exchanges and returns

Kevin Purcell Thursday 2nd October 2008 02:12

I was saving this one so I don't post too many times per day ;)

Adorama have the Swift 820ED for $370 with free shipping.

Adorama have the Swift 820 for $280 with free shipping

Kevin Purcell Thursday 2nd October 2008 16:08

Mentioned over on the Bushnell subforum

Interesting. But that link is to Costco Canada

A search at the site (the main US site) doesn't show any Browning bins.

On the other hand it's a good deal for the Canadians, eh?

And it much mean there is stock out there still ...

Kevin Purcell Thursday 2nd October 2008 19:43

For those in the UK

Posted by NormJackson

Browning 8x32 139 and 8x42 179

Direct link to frame ...

Kevin Purcell Thursday 2nd October 2008 20:17

Another one from Norm for the UK folks

99 Opticron 8x32 Discovery WP PC Roof Prism

Kevin Purcell Friday 3rd October 2008 19:42

Eagle Optics has added a group of Vixen bins to their Hot Deals page: 3 porros and 1 roof.

Vixen Foresta 8x32 DCF Roof Prism Binocular for $269 shipped
Light at 16.4 ounces but rather narrow 6.4 degree FOV, short ER (13mm)

Vixen Foresta 8x32 CF Porro Prism Binocular $199 shipped
The specs reported for this are wrong (including weight are those of the roof above). I've let Eagle optics know.

Vixen Foresta 8x42 CF Porro Prism Binocular $229 shipped
Good ER, 7.5 degree FOV.

Vixen Foresta 10x42 CF Porro Prism Binocular $229 shipped
Good ER, 6 degree FOV.

I have a previous generation of these Vixen Foresta 10x42 bins sold as the OEMed Eagle Optics Raptor 10x42. I really like them especially for $90 shipped.

You can also get these from Vixen North America (but as an "all sales final" deal and the prices are now rather higher). But I think the 42mm porros are previous generation (different "Swift 820" like enclosure).

I've not compared the smaller models but I suspect the Celestron DX Ultima is the better bang per buck (it's a very good bin)

Kevin Purcell Friday 3rd October 2008 22:16

And for those of you with the big bucks a couple of Eagle Optics Swaro deals ;)

Swarovski EL 8x32 Class A Condition Binocular w/SnapShot Adapter

Swarovski EL 10x32 Class A Condition Binocular w/SnapShot Adapter

Kevin Purcell Friday 3rd October 2008 22:43

BH has an amazing deal found by tingjunkie

Bushnell 10x42 Excursions plus Bushnell iPod speakers for $99 and free shipping.

The bins go for $164 and the speakers with dock go for $150. Weird.

Slightly less amazing but interesting

Used Kowa 8x32 BD32-8 Roof Prism Binocular for $289 + shipping

Tero Friday 3rd October 2008 23:36

Most of the Excursions are worth a shot, except not the 10x28, it was awful, and the 10x36 I have no clue if any good, but to me not even interesting. Probably just like Monarch 10x36 which I do not like. You are a little safer with the 8x Excursion to get something you will like.

Tero Tuesday 7th October 2008 17:27

Here is some minimal birding gear, a 7x35 for less than the Action 7x35, about 30 dollars for those places that carry it

It may be about the same as the typical Simmons pair, but actually good value for the money. You will see your back yard bird feeder fine with these and if they fall off the table, big loss.

The Actions DO have even wider a field.

OwenM Thursday 9th October 2008 17:03

Not a binocular, but probably my favorite accessory: the Stoney Point binocular rest. Much easier than using a tripod mount with a monopod, especially if you want to switch back and forth between bins.
Paid $16.95 for my first one.
Found these this morning, on clearance at $9.08.
I ordered two, and a couple of other items. 2hrs 10min later, I had confirmation that my stuff had already shipped.

Kevin Purcell Thursday 9th October 2008 19:02

Nice one, Owen. Do you have a favorite monopod?

I stumbled into this today at Amazon

Bushnell Elite 8x43 Waterproof/Fogproof PC3 Magnesium Binocular
$456.98 with free shipping (from Amazon)
Model number: 62-4208

Looks like the previous revision.

The current Elite 8x43 on the Bushnell web site is 63-0843: "New rugged style highest light transmission, plus new 4-position twist-up eyecups."

i.e. it seems to have a newer version of the dielectric mirror coating and new eyecups.

Obviously trying to compete with the Promaster ED and Hawke ED (though this is not ED)

EDIT: This also qualifies (as it has Rainguard) for the Free Jacket promotion (waterproof, breathable, quiet, "Real Tree" camo).

Tero Thursday 9th October 2008 19:15

These things develop so fast. I got a 36mm Nikon pair 5 years ago, they looked pretty good, but they are now obsolete. In five years, all but the 100 dollar pairs will be ED glass.

OwenM Thursday 9th October 2008 22:12


Originally Posted by Kevin Purcell (Post 1306485)
Nice one, Owen. Do you have a favorite monopod?

Right now it's a Bogen 681B w/Bogen 3229 tilt head and 677SPN foot. Overkill-too heavy and uses a tripod adapter that makes switching bins a pain. It stays next to the back door, usually with a Pentax 12.5x50 DCF SP mounted on it. My other one is a cheapie from Wal-Mart that I bought just to see if I'd use a monopod or not. It uses a Stoney Point rest, and lives in a locker at work.

Ordered the Bogen 676B monopod I've been wanting today. It's a lightweight 4 section, and will wear a Stoney Point rest. I'm 5'6", and short enough that it will work for me at ~62.5" total height with the rest. At 1lb. total, I expect this will be my favorite for use with 7-8x binoculars, since I'll actually take it places with me.
I do love monopods. All my binoculars are image stabilized:t:

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