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Squibb99 Sunday 20th January 2019 14:45

Bullying blackbirds
During this cold spell, several interesting birds have attempted to feed from our garden. Female black caps and song thrush. What happens every time is that our local blackbirds once they spot the visitors gang up and chase them off. They allow starlings, doves and pigeons, dunnocks. I was wondering if this does affect in a small way the decline of thrushes.

KC Foggin Sunday 20th January 2019 17:17

Hi again Squibb!

I've moved your thread to the Bird Behavior section of the Forum and have subscribed you to this thread so that you will be notified when anyone posts a reply.

Nutcracker Sunday 20th January 2019 18:24

Yes - Song Thrushes are adapted to feeding on widely scattered, dispersed food, while Blackbirds are better at using concentrated food sources like bird tables, which they occupy by bullying other birds. So bird tables encourage high Blackbird numbers, and that makes life difficult for Song Thrushes.

owhy Sunday 20th January 2019 20:01

Interesting. I have only seen our blackbirds being aggressive towards one another. That being said, we haven’t had any blackcaps, and just one song thrush.

Squibb99 Monday 21st January 2019 09:58

I forgot to say that bullying blackbirds seems to me to happen with resident blackbirds versus the winter visiting blackbirds

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