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TRLcam Monday 11th June 2018 16:55

Nebraska Barn Swallow Live Stream
A few days ago I noticed a couple barn swallows spending quite a bit of time circling around the covered deck on the back of our house. Then I noticed the beginnings of a nest in the upper corner of the deck cover. So I decided to aim a IP security camera at the nest and stream it to YouTube.

Here is the link.

The camera is a Dahua IPC-HFW5231E-Z12 streaming 1080p at 50fps.

TRLcam Thursday 14th June 2018 14:06

Here is an updated link to the live stream.

Jo and Jim Thursday 14th June 2018 15:14


TRLcam Monday 2nd July 2018 20:42

Here is another update to the link.

TRLcam Friday 13th July 2018 15:20


Originally Posted by TRLcam (Post 3737031)
Here is another update to the link.

Another link update.

The birds are growing up and should be leaving the nest in a few days.

TRLcam Monday 16th July 2018 16:03

We are down to one bird left in the nest. The other three left early and ended up on the ground. Two were eaten by an owl and one by a badger.

Hope this one makes.

TRLcam Tuesday 17th July 2018 21:24

The last bird flew away successfully today.

curiousbird001 Wednesday 17th July 2019 10:41

I guess this live stream is long gone :(

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