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Hedgeland Friday 28th December 2012 09:10

Blackcap age
I had a blackcap in my garden this morning with a brown cap. I read that the post juvenial moult is partial and completed by October so is it safe to say female or could it still be a juvenile?

Many thanks

Wizzle Friday 28th December 2012 10:20

Too early to tell for me. The brown cap on some juvenile males can stay through 1st winter without showing any partial moult.

Jon Turner Friday 28th December 2012 10:51

It's a female. Black caps are moulted in in late summer.

Tideliner Friday 28th December 2012 11:16

It will be a female , some males take their time moulting , but I would expect them to be finnished by now or at the very least have some black feathering in the cap. If you get a second chance to look at the birds cap you will find females have a rich chestnut brown cap while juveniles and 1st winter males usually have a duller brown cap before moulting into a full black cap.

Hedgeland Friday 28th December 2012 13:40

Now seen it in better light and it is a warm chestnut colour so female it is then. Nice to see on the feeder when given the chance by the rather aggressive robin.

Thanks for responses

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