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Warixenjalka Friday 21st April 2017 07:23

Help ID these Cuban Lizards
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All shots are taken 2017 February.

1st, 2nd and 3rd are taken in Soroa (path to Mirador), West Cuba. 2nd and 3rd are same specimen. Some Anolis? Habitat: Forest.

4th and 5th are from Cayo Romano, Cuban north coast. Different specimens but (I thought) same species. Habitat was dry bushes. These lizards have really fast movements.

Warixenjalka Friday 21st April 2017 07:37

Lizard, Turtle and Frog?
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And couple odd Reptile and one amphibian more.

1st lizard I saw near Varadero at road side.

2nd lizard photo was taken at Varadero beach.

3rd is some Pond Turtle I think. Photo taken near Playa Larga, Central Cuban south coast.

4th was really big frog - maybe Bull Frog (Rana catesbeiana). Las Terrazas, Western Cuba. It took shower with me. :king:

Xenospiza Saturday 22nd April 2017 20:49

Your frog must be a Cuban Tree Frog, just look at its feet:

andyadcock Sunday 23rd April 2017 15:14

Turtle looks like Trachemys decussata, Cuban Slider


Warixenjalka Monday 24th April 2017 10:48

Thank you guys.

I should noticed thoes toepads from frog. But it was so big, that it even didn't came to my mind it can be some tree frog. :eek!: I think I haven't never seen so big frog before. And I have seen many Common (European) Toads.

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