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Des! Sunday 28th December 2008 15:42

Christmas Birding ID Help - UK
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Whilst in Norfolk over Christmas managed to get out - but saw some birds not 100% on ID.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately pic aren't as clear as hoped, but hopefully it'll give people a rough idea.

Pics 1 & 2 - Harrier?

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5 - Scaup? (Similar to 4 but band not as white or big?)



Gordon Sunday 28th December 2008 16:19

Hi Des!

Pics 1 and 2 - Common Buzzard
Pic 3 - female Stonechat
Pic 4 - female Pochard
Pic 5 - female Scaup


Des! Sunday 28th December 2008 16:28

Cheers! Gordon

I thought the last one was a Scaup - That's my first!!!

Andrew Whitehouse Sunday 28th December 2008 16:33

I think the bird in the first two pictures is a ringtail Hen Harrier.

Just to elaborate, it looks rather small headed in the first picture. The underparts look streaked (not easy to tell I know) and I think the pale shoulder is also good for Hen Harrier.

Gordon Sunday 28th December 2008 16:44

Andrew - on closer inspection I think you could be right!
When I zoom in on pic 2 I can "see" a "harrier" face but does the bird not have a heavier looking build than a harrier? I was also influenced (pre-zooming-in) by the large white covert patches (more obvious than expect on ring-tail?)which I've been noticing on a lot of Common Buzzards around here recently.


Des! Sunday 28th December 2008 17:18

Hen Harrier .....................????? :t:

That would be GOOD!!!!

nickderry Monday 29th December 2008 01:03

I agree with hen harrier.

Dougie Preston Monday 29th December 2008 03:13

1 & 2 Hen Harrier.
3 is a fem Stonechat.
4 is a fem Pochard.
5 is a fem Scaup.

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