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RayJ Monday 29th January 2007 05:12

Essex,CT Eagle Cruise...

Just wondering if anyone here has ever been on one of the eagle cruises in Essex, CT? I am going on one soon and am wondering what to expect. I am hoping to get some decent photo opportunities while on the cruise - is this being realistic? I am working with a 600mm lens.

Any insights on the cruise will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.


lvn600 Monday 29th January 2007 10:07

From what I've seen they have been excellent. This year has been different because of the unusually warm weather. I've seen no reports of Golden Eagles this year. Still, I saw plenty of Bald eagles around the area this weekend and I've heard that they do get close on the boat.

RayJ Thursday 1st February 2007 00:30

Thank you, Larry. I appreciate the info.


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