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AlBirds Tuesday 15th January 2019 13:55

Bloated blue tit
There is a bloated blue tit who visits the table , I am concerned what is causing this condition,I keep the table clean and the food I provide is specially for birds I would very much appreciate any information or advice on what the reason for this could be Thankyou

KC Foggin Tuesday 15th January 2019 14:44

I know when they are cold they will fluff up quite a bit so could that possibly be what's going on with your weather?

mark clements Tuesday 15th January 2019 15:04

Ooh, that looks bloated rather than 'fluffy' to me.
As shown when it leans forward to peck food, it almost rolls. When they fluff up the feathers would collapse back in.
Don't now the cause though.

delia todd Tuesday 15th January 2019 15:53

....No.... I had one like that last year (can't find my pictures though, sorry).

I did speak to the local Scottish Wildlife Trust, and they'd not heard of any others showing that condition.

It gradually became more and more lethargic and sadly eventually died.

No others were affected.

Please keep us posted Al, and let us know what happens and if you get any more information.

AlBirds Tuesday 15th January 2019 20:14

Thank you very much for your comments, I have done some research on the internet there's so many different courses that it could be, I just hope I don't find the little bird on the ground dead, I will keep you posted cos it keeps popping back every so often, it has been like this now for a few days.

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