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litebeam Sunday 1st September 2019 19:25

Great grey owl.
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Spotted this Great Grey Owl this morning along the edge of our pond. He was very accommodating, sitting for 30 minutes.
After spotting a frog at the water's edge, he swooped down and grabbed the meal before flying off.

Carol Rushton Sunday 1st September 2019 19:36

What a privilege. Lucky you - lovely to see:t:

DMW Sunday 1st September 2019 19:38

Surely Barred Owl?

litebeam Sunday 1st September 2019 20:00

DMW, yes, I may stand corrected on that. My bird volume ID'ed most like the grey, but internet sources look more like the barred variety.
I wish my photos here were as stunning as the actual view through the Swarovski spotter. I'm going to work on updating the digi-scoping equipment.

What a daylight treat!

DMW Sunday 1st September 2019 20:33

Indeed, seeing any owl is a treat, especially in the daytime.

litebeam Sunday 1st September 2019 21:29

So a bit of research revealed that grey owls have yellow eyes, barred owls have dark eyes. Barred shown here!

Outdoorlife602 Wednesday 27th November 2019 19:25

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing

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