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Sunday's Child Wednesday 22nd February 2017 14:52

Help with digiscoping with Celestron Ultima 100 and Nikon DS5100
I have a Celestron Ultama 100 spotting scope which I have been satisfied with over the past decade. Recently I wanted to take some birding photographs with it and purchased a Celestron Nikon T-Ring.

Perhaps reflecting that I'm not the worlds most technically competent photographer even though I've set my Nikon DS5100 (Digital SLR) to manual and adjusted the shutter speed, I can't get an in focus image when looking through the view finder and any photographs I take are blank.

Before I give up in disgust and count my blessings that a T-Ring is inexpensive, what am I doing wrong?

Paul Corfield Saturday 25th February 2017 10:11

I presume the T-ring will screw onto the back of the eyepiece on the scope, should be a thread under the rubber eyecup. Focusing will be done via the spotting scopes focuser. Magnification can be quite high with this method so increase the ISO on the camera and reduce the shutter speed. Try the lowest magnification for the eyepiece first to see the brightest image. That should be pretty much it. It's not the easiest way to digiscope and image quality is usually only average at best but you should be able to get something out of this method.


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