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JP543 Thursday 26th April 2012 16:49

Please PM me Roadrunner sightings
Hello everybody,

Just last month I moved to OK, for my study, for some time (from Europe). Amongst others I am looking to do some survey work and observations of roadrunners here in OK, and maybe even TX and NM as well (not sure if that opportunity will arise yet).

I would very much like to ask you all to message me about any sightings, especially nests you have seen around. I do encourage you to message me and not to post here, because we would not want them to get disturbed - especially the nests of course.

It would be very, very helpful to me - so thanks very, very much in advance!

deby1961 Thursday 7th June 2012 20:45

I don't know how to pm you but I have a mated pair of roadrunners living in my yard and one of them started following me around last year when I was gardening. It discovered that I threw out the grub worms. lol. Now, this year I see them again and one of them comes very close to me (within 10 ft. sometimes) and I talk to it while it digs for food. I live in Burleson, Texas. I have taken photos of it but don't know how to post them here. They are posted in my facebook account though.

Allen S. Moore Thursday 7th June 2012 21:42


Originally Posted by deby1961 (Post 2460689)
I don't know how to pm

Just click on the member's name, e.g. JP543, and the second option down is to send a PM.

Lisa W Thursday 7th June 2012 22:07


I have taken photos of it but don't know how to post them here.
Pretty easy, once you know how. If you are responding to a thread click the "Go Advanced" button under your response box. Once in the Advanced area scroll down to the red Attach Files and click on Manage Attachments - I think you will get it from there.

deby1961 Thursday 7th June 2012 23:51

Thank ya'll for the info. I PM'd them. I might be late for their study though but, maybe they'll still be in the area. I'm very excited about these roadrunners and the fact that one of them will come so close. They're fascinating to watch. I notice that they also take dust baths in a sandy area under a couple of my trees.

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