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Pete007 Tuesday 18th December 2018 07:42

Hiding Photoshop CC home screen
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Having just installed Photoshop CC I notice that what I think is the 'Home Screen' ? - keeps popping up at just about every opportunity.
If for example I have a couple of images loaded and then close them ( But not Photoshop itself) this screen automatically pops up which I find quite frustrating.
I would like to hide or disable this from automatically popping up but as yet cannot see how to do this.
Any help in how to turn this feature on/off would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

cgilbert Tuesday 18th December 2018 10:50

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If you go into the preferences then General tab there is an option to turn the Home Screen on/off

Regards, Cliff.

Pete007 Tuesday 18th December 2018 11:59

Many Thanks all done - did look previously but obviously not close enough !

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