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Jayefbee Wednesday 15th June 2011 15:15

Dhahran - Eastern Province
My local patch is Dhahran which is situated in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, between the cities of Dammam and Al-Khobar. It is about 10 km from the western shore of the Arabian Gulf and is a good place for migration. I have a website which I update almost daily so if you are interested you can see what I am seeing here.

The birds I see should be of interest to anyone interested in birds in the Middle East and migration in particular as many birds pass through the region. It may be valuable for European birders who may want to see what is happening in the Middle East with regards to migrants that could well be on the move to Europe and give some idea as to what may be turning up in the next few days or weeks in that area.

Irish Kite Wednesday 3rd August 2011 01:47

Good blog M8 and some great photos - look forward to following it when the Autmn migration gets into full swingB (:

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