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delia todd Friday 7th July 2017 14:43

Gmail issue on Smartphone
Today I received a 'needed' email on my phone which had been linked in a 'conversation' to a long-deleted previous message. It was an appointment reminder and was very confusing to read, as it started with a 2 month old previous appointment which made me think I'd actually missed that one for a minute!!!

This message is only showing on my phone, not on my laptop web page, which means that Thunderbird can't pick it up.

It's not being able to receive them in Thunderbird which is my issue, as I like to be able to sort them them later in the day... keep in a folder for future ref, or just delete if I don't need them. Everything then gets deleted from the GMail web page.

I certainly don't want this happening to Private Message notifications from BF.

Anyone know how I can resolve this one?

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