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jheddings Tuesday 26th May 2020 03:20

Hummingbird Identification
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Hi there!

This is my first post, so please help set me straight if Iím doing this wrong ;)

We spotted these two hummingbirds today and are looking for some help IDíing them. Growing up, we always assumed they were Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds. However, lately Iíve been reading that those are pretty rare in our area and the Broad-Tailed Hummingbird is more common. However these are very slender and do not seem to have the feathers of a Borad-Tailed.

These were spotted on our feeder in Black Forest, Colorado. Thanks for any help or pointers!

fugl Tuesday 26th May 2020 06:23

Look like Broad-tailed to me. Note the male’s characteristic face pattern.

rkj Tuesday 26th May 2020 06:24

I think both are Broad-tailed, which are certainly more common in your area. Note the white between the eye and the bill on the male and the rusty flanks on the female. Listen when the male flies - it makes a whistling sound unlike the humming of a Ruby-throat. Later in the summer you will have to worry about distinguishing female Broad-tailed from Rufous and Calliope - that will be more of a challenge.

jheddings Tuesday 26th May 2020 14:58

Thanks for the help! Especially the pointers on how to tell the species apart.

Birdbrain22 Tuesday 26th May 2020 22:53

Agree with both male and female Broad-tailed

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