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comtoray Sunday 8th January 2017 19:46

Teal (male)
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Am i being over ambitious ive took this shot at approx 70yds with the Canon 1.4x Extender MkII on a cloudy day, is that too far for the 300 and converter thank you...Ray

Robert_Scanlon Saturday 14th January 2017 08:14

It depends on what your goal a record shot it's perfectly acceptable, and for many people that is ok.

At that distance and in those lighting conditions, you already know that you aren't going to be getting any "great" shots of the bird, and really that applies whatever gear you are using, so if you are looking to get a better shot I would say there are four main things that would need to be addressed...the distance to the subject, the angle that the shot is taken from, the cluttered and distracting background and the poor light.

JoeRawles Saturday 14th January 2017 10:12

As Robert says, it's a perfectly clear shot of a Teal. Your set up is fine for the lighting I would imagine but distance wise, perhaps a bit far. I use a bridge camera nowadays, with a DSLR and long lens I was always striving for better pictures and ended up accepting I was never going to have the set-up I really wanted and downgraded to something more portable, even though I knew the pictures were only ever going to be 'ok'. I'm sure, however, if that Teal was half the distance away the picture would have been much nicer :)

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